Flashback Playlists

Announcing the year-end bracket for the biggest hits of 2016! Vote for your favorite songs of the year every other day from now until New Year’s Eve. Fans of this site will then pick a winner out of 32 of the year’s biggest hits. Cast your votes through our Facebook page.

Josh with Lionel RichieWEB

Listen to these flashback playlists below, hosted by Spotify, to hear the biggest and most memorable hits of this very week in the year listed. Take a trip down memory lane, or learn about a time in popular music before you came along.

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List of all the #1 songs in the history of Billboard magazine’s Hot 100 chart

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  • 1 year ago this week (2015):

  • 10 years ago this week (2006):

  • 20 years ago this week (1996):

  • 30 years ago this week (1986):

  • 40 years ago this week (1976):

  • 50 years ago this week (1966):

  • 60 years ago this week (1956):

  • 5 years ago this week (2011):

  • 15 years ago this week (2001):

  • 25 years ago this week (1991):

  • 35 years ago this week (1981):

  • 45 years ago this week (1971):

  • 55 years ago this week (1961):

  • 65 years ago this week (1951):

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