Flashback Playlists

Flashback Collage.jpgListen to the biggest and most memorable hits of this very week in each of the years listed, or visit the decade-specific pages on this site. Take a trip down memory lane, or learn about a time in popular music before you came along.
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  • SPECIAL: The Top 100 Hits of 2017, counted down from #100 to #1:
  • This Week’s Top 40 Hits:

  • 10 years ago this week (2008):

  • 20 years ago this week (1998):

  • 30 years ago this week (1988):

  • 40 years ago this week (1978):

  • 50 years ago this week (1968):

  • 60 years ago this week (1958):

  • 70 years ago this week (1948):
    • 5 years ago this week (2013):

    • 15 years ago this week (2003):

    • 25 years ago this week (1993):

    • 35 years ago this week (1983):

    • 45 years ago this week (1973):

    • 55 years ago this week (1963):

    • 65 years ago this week (1953):

    • 75 years ago this week (1943):

What’s in these playlists?

The top hits from this very week in that year, plus other songs that may not have been huge hits at the time but that have gone down as classics, or as influential, or as memorable novelties.

How often are these lists updated?

Each list gets freshened at least every two weeks.

I can’t get the songs to play in Spotify.

Try opening the app in the background first. Then click on several different songs and be patient. Sometimes the app is slow to respond at first but eventually catches up.


8 thoughts on “Flashback Playlists

    1. Ask and you shall receive! Well … not precisely, but I’ve just added playlists for 70 years ago and 75 years ago. That’s as far back as I can go and still find enough songs to constitute a playlist worth changing every couple weeks. Enjoy!


  1. Is there anyway to see this list without using Spotify? I read their privacy policy and it not private at all, they wanted me to consent to them giving my information to people outside the country, I just want to listen to music and this list is super cool as I like all music. Please advise and it awesome that you have this list.


    1. Ah, if only! But Spotify is what enables these playlists to exist at all. Spotify pays the record labels for the ability to stream the songs, which is what makes my site legal. Sorry, but that’s the way it is.


  2. Josh, your Spotify playlists are incredible. I’m going to be very busy with this for a very long time! Came across your Fall 1999 anthology and then thought, “Nice, this guy knows what’s up. Let me see what else he’s got!” Scrolled back up to the top… “Ok, wow, all the way back to the 40s, crazy! But awesome, let’s see what else… wait, these years are going up… he didn’t… he did! it goes all the way up to 2018!?” Cannot thank you enough for all the surely very very long hours spent compiling these… Clearly a labor of love. I have been looking to rediscover some of the truly wonderful forgotten hit songs from years long past, and this will be the single most useful tool I’ve ever seen to do this. So happy right now!


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