Flashback Playlists

Step into a time machine and get to know the biggest hit makers in the history of recorded music.

Listen to our flashback playlists below, hosted by Spotify, to hear the biggest and most memorable hits of this very week in the year listed. Take a trip down memory lane, or learn about a time in popular music before you came along.

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1 year ago (2013):

10 years ago (2004):

20 years ago (1994):

30 years ago (1984):

40 years ago (1974):

50 years ago (1964):

60 years ago (1954):

70 years ago (1944):

5 years ago (2009):

15 years ago (1999):

25 years ago (1989):

35 years ago (1979):

45 years ago (1969):

55 years ago (1959):

65 years ago (1949):

100 years ago (1914)*:

* Due to the rare nature of recordings from this long ago, the 100-year flashback will be updated only annually.

2 thoughts on “Flashback Playlists

    1. Billboard magazine has forbidden me from keeping that information on my site anymore. For a long time, I kept a link channeling people to Wikipedia, where you can look up the same information. But I’ve decided instead to change the focus of my site. Would you find it helpful for me to keep that Wikipedia link somewhere handy?


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